Topic: 914 Outlaw build in progress.

Yes it’s mine but since there is talk of 914’s, I figured I would put this out there. … 450996101/

Re: 914 Outlaw build in progress.

I'm going to just jump right in here and suggest unless you NEED need either the money or the shop space, that you keep it- and let it sit, and maybe cover it with a drop cloth - until the engine you want serendipitously appears.

Is this your dream project? The bones you've always wanted? You have most of what you've been looking for, right? And I'm sure you know artists always suffer for their art.

I'm sure there are other 914s around, and will be in the future; but you mention you know the expected condition and price range, so you know what you'll be looking at - and the time it'll take you - when you have more time available.

If it's a source of family friction, though, I'm out. IF this is your dream - your personal expression of your ethic in this automotive sphere - and its importance to you has been communicated clearly within the family, and it takes second place to something more important, ..., well then, it takes second place. And it's good to know that early rather than too late.

It's always good to have your priorities straight.

For me, the vehicle is unimportant. It could be anything, and I have several reasonable candidates. I just want to complete a build, and get a car onto the track for at least one lap. After all, I have limited skills, and I think I've appropriately managed my own expectations.

Though, if I HAD to pick a dream car from my late teens' ethic to turn into a race car, it'd be a 914. But I let that go decades ago. Mostly ;-)