Topic: Seeking drivers for Thunderhill, High Plains, and NJMP.

Our original organizing platform informed us they have a rule against organizing motorsports events- so we'll have to do it organically. It's official- Dum N Tuf TV (formerly Rad Dad Racing) is doing the Vannonball. \

I'm looking for four drivers each at Thunderhill, High Plains, and NJMP.  Seats are $1000 and include food, lodging, and generally I have equipment if you need it. This is more expensive than I would usually price an arrive and drive at, but there is higher than usual transport costs in this endeavor.

To reserve your spot, there is a 50% deposit up front and the balance will be due by May 1st.  If you have to cancel, half of the deposit is non-refundable. If the car blows up, arrangments will be made for you to get another seat or refunds will be made.

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Re: Seeking drivers for Thunderhill, High Plains, and NJMP.

This sounds fun! I enjoyed seeing your van in the 2022 Road Atlanta race wrapup.

I sent you a message to see if I can get an arrive-and-drive spot at Thunderhill. Let me know you need more local drivers -- I have some friends at work who might be interested.

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Re: Seeking drivers for Thunderhill, High Plains, and NJMP.

Hi there! I would be interested in participating particularly at NJMP, if you're still looking.  Saw your Vannonball video smile  I'm generally good with a wrench and work hard, have some competitive driving experience, and I'm looking to help out the team how I can and share the fun.

Let me know what you think,