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Topic: Lemons Garage in San Diego?

Hey folks, Elias here from the Anal Probe team.

If you're in San Diego and your neighbors keep giving you crap for the LeMon (or other project(s)) in your driveway, I'm starting up a garage/workshop in San Diego, not too far from SDSU. Lease should start in April or May.

The space is larger than I need it to be (guesstimating 2400 sqft for the indoor portion), so I'm looking to rent out portions of it to offset the rent. Could be a sweet "Lemons central" for San Diego. Happy to house non-LeMons or trailers, anything really. Lot's of space indoors and outdoors.

There will be a couple lifts, tire machine & wheel balancer, etc... that you are welcome to use if you're paying rent :-)

Hit me up if you're ever interested in moving in. Will post pics at some point