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We have a seat open for the Nola weekend coming up, know it's late in the game but we had a driver back out. We're running a '98 Chevy S-10 with a 4.8L LS swap. Truck is B-class and we've been chasing a class win (probably will be forever) but the truck is reliable although thirsty. Will include Friday practice. Main goal is to bring her home in one piece without beating on it too hard, so we're looking for a driver with some experience. $1,000 for the weekend...PM if interested!

LS-10 Racing '98 Chevy S-10
2022 Road Atlanta: LET'S F**KING DO THIS!!!, 2021 MSR: 19/101 (5/36 B-class) overheated transmission
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When is Nola I just moved to Savannah I’ve races in all the races in the north east

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If you have a seat for Atlanta I mite be interested I can wrench too