Topic: Looking for mechanics, drivers, Nortshore MA, team hesh

Heyo, this is Chris from team hesh ( (cant make it a link cause this is my first post???? boooooo)

I'm looking for people who wanna help wrench on the 82 Escort we race, and bring a little experience. We have enough drivers but if you're down for the team and the car you're welcome to drive as well, the more the merrier. Less interested in someone who only wants to drive but lets chat anyways

I work on the car completely solo and I just picked up a tow van that needs a little this and that, the trailer could use some love, I have a 89 crown vic I want to cage, another 89 crown vic that needs to be torn down, like 4 Escort engines that needs to be torn down ETC ETC ETC

The dream is to create a small crew that wants to drink beers, eat pizza and wrench. I met my other drivers at Lemons and they live 2+ hours drive away, so casual meet ups to work on the car aren't possible.

Located in Danvers MA w/ one big garage space a block up the street, and my own smaller 2 car garage, plenty of space and tools. MIG welder, air compressor, enclosed garage, all the good stuff. <<< this is a website