Topic: '87 Pontiac Fiero in progress, 3800 NA swap, Seattle, $500

Background:  I got this car in 2016, had several folks interested in helping out with it.  One of the core folks had a baby...another one died.  I have worked on it off and on but have finally accepted that _it's not going to happen_.

The car is on blocks, the swap wiring is complete, the engine runs and is solidly mounted.  It's....maybe...not that far from being driveable?   
I have extensive documentation on what I have done (part numbers, work log) as well as receipts for most (all?) major parts (if not, I can dig it out of my email).  Contact me and I will share the google drive folder with you.  I can also send pictures.   


I towed this thing home from a guy that had started a 3800 NA swap and was in _way over his head_.  I've had it indoors since 2016.  Clean title in hand (no tabs, eligible for collector plate). 


-There was a crack in the block (water jacket).  I drilled at both ends and JB welded it.  Held water during a test run. 
-3800 NA
-flywheel (corvette?) cut to appropriate thickness and ground at a machine shop.  Clutch is bled and working (new slave cylinder)
-fuel pump in tank upgraded for 3800
-exhaust fabricated as far as the muffler. needs to the post-muffler pipe and hanger figured out (I have hangers)
-Fuel system done with braided cables, solid lines, JIC flares, etc.  Done with the goal of being Lemons compliant. 
-I did an "overhaul light" disassembling it and reassembling with fresh gaskets.  I think I went as far as checking the crank bearings with plastigauge and lapping the vales. 
-Solid motor mounts (fabricated in-house)
-ECU professionally reprogrammed


-new MC
-new front calipers (Beretta upgrade) and rotors. 
-no rear brakes (was planning on beretta rears--I have a hydraulic lock and proportioning valve to install)


I consider the entire thing a sunk cost, my goal here is for all of my effort so far to not be wasted.  I will sell it to you for $500, or less, or whatever makes the most sense as far as keeping the judges happy with you.  I will throw in all the old Fiero parts, parts I bought for the car, etc.  I will probably be calling you every few weeks for the next few months saying "hey I found something else for the car I forgot about".  I have a few tools I bought specifically for the car (e.g. brake flare tools) I will sell you for cheap if you need them.  If you're close to me I'm willing to do a warm handoff as far as being available for questions or helping you understand stupid things I may have done with the car. 


Needs to have rear axles installed in current state to even tow it (I can do this).  I suspect the car can be gotten into "good enough to drive onto a flat bed or a short distance" without _too_ much more work.  I'm open to the _possibility_ of helping you do that work in my garage.  I'm in NE Seattle (inside city limits).

Re: '87 Pontiac Fiero in progress, 3800 NA swap, Seattle, $500

You should contact former Lemons racer (Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys) Doug Chase of ChaseRace in Duvall. Besides being an expert mechanic and overall nice guy Doug is a Fiero expert and is well connected with the Fiero community.

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Thanks for the tip!

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It helps if you can put your general area in your post.  As a long time Fiero owner, I can confirm… Doug Chase is the man.   I seem  to recall he used to operate under the name Chase Race.