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OK, let me clarify one thing; this car did win the “Least Horrible Yank Tank” trophy when we raced it at Buttonwillow in August, 2009.  I don’t believe that Lemons is still awarding that trophy, but it at that time it was for the highest finishing American car.  We had finished 8 out of 100+ entries on a hot August weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway which is just west of Bakersfield, California.   

Now for the car.   DOHC 2.0 in good condition; 5 speed trans; performance suspension; ALMOST ready to race as it will need to have a fire suppression system added, and the roll cage (which is bolted in and complied when raced) MAY need to be welded in.   Two sets of wheels are available.  A complete spare engine (with good compression) is also available.   Located in Burbank, California.

While I am not particularly anxious to sell this car, I need the space… so $3,600 for the car.   I will part with the spare engine for $300, but only if it goes with the car.   Oh yeah, if you would prefer a Neon coupe, I just posted a coupe shell in the parts section.  All parts could be moved to the coupe, but that would take quite a bit of work. As I mentioned, what I really need is the space.   So, I would be willing to join with some others to form a Lemons team.   So, whatever your preference is, let’s talk.  Contct me:

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Man. Love seeing the blasts from the past coming back.

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons

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Yes… that’s it.  No. 11 Team Los Cerdos Voladores (aka The Flying Pigs).  By pure cioincidence, we were assigned # 11 for our car which we promptly converted to H1-N1 (aka swine flu).  Only a few were able to make the connection. 

Not sure how to post photos in this site, but I am open to suggestions.

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The conspicuously marked police themed neon is chasing after the orange BMW numbered 647f. CA Penal Code for drunk in public.  Funny to me....I like it!