Topic: NISSAN Maxima V6 5spd for sale (needs race prep) aka Holy Grail! (CA)

1999 NISSAN MAXIMA GXE  190 HP  3.0 litre V6 (FWD) 5 speed manual all original equipment, 169K miles, with pink slip (no salvage title), runs , starts right up, registered until January 2023 so you can drive it home and no need to Bring A Trailer! So yes, It's  a bland 4 door boxy sedan that looks like a bar of soap, but with sexy spoiler, so yes, it is a perfect raw canvas for Lemons' artistry!

Full Disclosure: I am selling this car for a friend that moved out of state as he doesn't want the car anymore after teaching all his kids to drive a 5 speed, but it is also a bit of a hooptie (looks like no one has waxed the car in the last 5 or more years, a few dents, needs some love mechanically).........and needs to stop taking up "valuable"and rare project space at my house!

Located in Napa, asking $1500 OBO! I am also posting on Craig's List only because he asked me to (he is hoping to get more than $500, after doing brakes & some tires recently) but I would really rather see it go to a Lemons team. Terms :Cash (or many many Huffaker fuel jugs)

The Good = Its a 5 speed! manuals are getting hard to find, it's good on gas, and the gear box has no grinds or pop outs, clutch is still good!
                    It's a JDM Timex like car with lots of available parts, easy to work on, mostly reliable
                    Great battery, Good brakes, steers straight, no CEL or electrical problems
                    205/65/R15  5 lug OEM Alloy rims all matching, tires do not match (not race worthy IMO (16s are also OEM and 17s should fit)
                    Some ignition coils and injectors have been replaced (Coil over spark plug type)
                    Car was tuned recently with new plugs, air filter, etc.
                    BOSE stereo and black leather seats may fetch some money back, and are in decent shape as are the headlights
                    All original body parts = no major accidents means it can take some hits and is basically straight
                    Car doesn't overheat or ping and still ahs some acceleration left, pull the catalytic convertors and let her run free!
                    No Fuel leaks, fuel gauge works!
                    Glass is all good
                    Wipers work
                    No RUST!

The Bad = CV joints are rumbling and most likely need replacement
                  The moon roof leaks (who cares)
                  The heater vent is not working
                  The AC is not blowing cold and has stopped after a recharge and the compressor is probably shot but who runs A/C when it robs
                  HP in racing and isn't that what coolshirts are for?
                  Leak in windshield washer pump tank
                  Consumes small amount of engine oil
                  Suspension is a bit mushy (but not broken)
                  ok, so it's not an E46 or Miata, but where is the fun in that!

The Ugly = Needs a Lemon's spec' cage, battery cut out and general race prep of removing carpet/insulation/extraneous crap, race seat and belts, and you are and whole family/friends/unsuspecting teammates will surely DOMINATE! (or at least have a lot of fun and laughs)

Note> No other functional issues known to exist . Note these engines timing chain tensioners and guides should probably be replaced for race duty but many have put over 200K on these engines!
Please email me for photos and interest or questions at: , Subject " Lemons Maxima"

Thanks! And may all your racing miles bring smiles!

Re: NISSAN Maxima V6 5spd for sale (needs race prep) aka Holy Grail! (CA)

These have been excellent Lemons cars after a little sorting. Great engines and you can make them handle well enough to run with E36s.

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons

Re: NISSAN Maxima V6 5spd for sale (needs race prep) aka Holy Grail! (CA)

Thanks! I appreciate the confirmation and hate to see it go to a Boeing non Lemons life of street use! That is my thinking as well based on seeing these cars so well historically and I looked up this year in a auto reliability website group I contribute to (as a Reliability Engineer) that does statistical analysis on number of repairs, repair category (engine, transmission, electrical, etc.) and some other mechanic friends and all of that said this year was one of the best and especially with a 5speed as the automatic transmissions were not great in the 3rd generation. It has a pretty low center of gravity and could take bigger tires, will need some suspension attention but after the CV axles are done (found a source that has some OEM CVs in Denver), and this could be a car that will finish on Sunday, parts are cheap and it gets good mileage,  plus it’s is easy to work on! 

So come on Lemonheads, make me an offer and get this fine JDM Timex like machine on the racetrack, and watch the fun begin!

Re: NISSAN Maxima V6 5spd for sale (needs race prep) aka Holy Grail! (CA)

Open to cash offers on this proven and running  king of crapboxes!