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Topic: '04 Concorde LXi, auto, GONE for $500

UPDATE:  *shattered windshield*
(there are several at a ... relatively ... local PnP that are intact)

More info & pics coming when I get a minute...

Again, local tow company will pay $500 for any complete car.

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Re: '04 Concorde LXi, auto, GONE for $500

Someone asked about this; recent is that it stalled when moving it, but it started again, and I got it parked. I just haven't gotten to this, but it'll be leaving one way or another by the end of the weekend.

Sorry it took so long to get pics posted; here's what I have:








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I am pretty sure thees are budget exempt vehicles so you can do whatever the hell you want to it.

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Re: '04 Concorde LXi, auto, GONE for $500

Response to email questions:

Have this?
1. Yes - though not for long. I'd be available on Saturday 12/09 only - it's probably leaving that evening to the scrapper.

Condition and mileage?
2. Rusty and bent; ~175k.

Run / drive?
3. Yes, but stalled last time, though restarted. I wouldn't drive it to DC  but it should be able to move onto a carrier of some sort. I drove it around a parking lot for awhile when I picked it up.

I've only had this a short time - I picked it up as a Lemons candidate, but I'm focusing on two other projects (stripping and cage), and something had to give.

(... and I should really focus on just one ... because - y'know - FOCUS ...)

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is that your yard with the 40 cars? ?? 

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Oh, you mean with the de-icer storage shed in the background? Yeah,  ... no.

And as an aside, that's not the [shhhh ...] secret lot you REALLY want to know about ...

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Clean title is on the way to me today, in case that changes things for anyone. Now that that has been processed, I might keep this to get a new windshield for it before I sell it - assuming it drives like it did when I collected it.

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Gone to the crusher