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Topic: That Lemons EV thread

I’m Forrest, and I run a Chevy Bolt EV in Lemons under the team name Electric Turtle. So far we have done 2 races – the Feb 2024 Thunderhill “Jank of the West” and the May 2024 “Days of Thunderhill.” We’re mostly just here to have fun, but we have somehow been able to keep increasing the most miles traveled by an EV in a Lemons race. We’re probably doing well at it because it’s an obscure metric that nobody else is tracking.

Before we started Lemons, to our knowledge the best result was the Jet Electrica (a 1980s Chrysler K-car converted to EV), with 387 miles. In Feb 2024 we got 408 miles, then in May 2024 we got 514 miles.

Chevy Bolt EV in Lemons

I’m really excited to see other EVs jumping into Lemons, namely the Tesla-swapped RX-8 at NOLA and the electric Datsun 620 pickup truck in Colorado. What a time to be alive!

I started a google sheet here of all the Lemons EV results that I have seen so far. The permission is open so that anyone can add new results.

Also, I’m happy to answer questions that folks might have! “How do you pass tech? Is it really a $500 car? Is it a V8 swap? Where do you charge that junk? Y u rune klassik?” … What do you want to know?

"Electric Turtle" 2018 Chevy Bolt EV

"Is it fast?" We can sometimes beat the cars that don't run.