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Topic: SOLD Racer retiring/gear for sale SOLD


I have been in Lemons for a long time, Some health issues are going to prevent me from racing again (on blood thinners and Dr. said nope to racing)

I have a 2 pc suit I bought 3 years ago, 2xl top, 1 xl bottom

2020 helmet with coms and hans bolts that looks new

3 year old shoes

3 year old gloves

Have a hans devivice that was bought before they had outdating rules, and lol everytime Im in tech I need to tell the inspector its grandfathered in with its rating, they dont like it, but always let me go, prolly getting it recert would be a lot less of a hassle

3 cool suit shirts, one is pretty new, one is older, one is old, all work, just different levels of pretty
a few sets of long underwear

a few pair  of sox but  probably only one pair that would pass tech

I also have 2 large race equipment bags

some other equip I don't need to include with no real value

and older 1 pc suit that I out grew legal for fueling, and actually probably racing.
older shoes that are not safe "stitching has failed fueling?
older gloves that wont pass tech fueling?

I think 500 would be a real fair price for all, and I can send pictures of everything, send a note to my email willy1959@gmail.com
Pick up In Racine Wi, 53406  can ship on your dime, but prefer not to

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