Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

Every year an R2-D2 builder holds a party in his backyard attracting members from across the country and even an Australian planned a vacation around this party yesterday. 

Anyhow, being robotics everybody agreed including a few professional electricians it's likely one or more grounding issues, over-voltage to some components and so on.  The professionals, including one over at disney parks agreed that the intermittent nature makes it costly for shops with no guaranteed  resolution.

On the other hand, anyone with spare time and knows electronics should have an easy enough time, first by ripping out the led strip that I put in various places without any consideration to draw and how that affects the computer response, etc.  That will tackle some problems, but not all. 

Being a potential Lemon Racer, key fobs are the least of the worries, AC tends to get ripped out of racers so no worries there.  The airbag lights could be a simple misreading or actual functional error.  Sounds like y'all know diagnostics and stuff like that so no worries there.  The burnt out headlights being over bad clips or over-voltage, same for the tail lights, both passenger side.  "What up, starboard systems control?"

Car airbags: iirc the owner's manual suggested there's 6 but I count four.

Also included in sale: The factory shop books, normally $600 on ebay or $10 fo rhte cd, I printed the cd and stitch bound them myself intro three books, external internal and electrics. There may be a shot of them in the previous videos.

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Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

This Thursday, 7/11, Red 2 hits its first deadline with the de-Craigslisting of its ad. 

The next (and final) deadline is ~9/6, under 60days when Red 2 will register as PNO and the latest possible time to begin stripping her for parts..  This is also my personal deadline to have a new car seat under my butt. 

Presuming the new car will be here before that deadline, I'll post a few days advance notice here before stripping Red 2 down begins.

My youtube will then likely host a commemorative video of Red 2's vivsectioning and a last video being towed off.  I'll continue to post her last days memorial here and a hello to the new wheels and designs before taking my final bow here.

Thanks to all who have sat through reading all this!  My best and sincere wishes to all racers and teams in this wonderful club you have here.

Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

As they would say in Zork II, “Maximum verbosity!”

I’ve read your CL ad and your postings here, I’m unclear if we’re looking at a mostly parted out Hyundai for $500 or an art car for $5000. I can see that a lot of work went into the art, but I’m unsure you’re reaching the right audience. We are a price-conscious lot here.

My $0.02 worth, given, I’ve never even seen a Star Wars film so…

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Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

My interpretation was/is that he's selling the car with some annoying electrical problems for the $500, with the _option_ of the legitimately recognized convention-presenter, high level art pieces for the $5k all in. I could be wrong. And it's a manual easy automatic (sorry!).

Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

This is a 4spd automatic. 

I have not parted the car out yet.  I wrote that in craigslist to avoid their fee for posting running cars.

$500 gets the running functional car, with electrical gremlines, minus the door hinges as they are illegal for a lemon racer.

Additional money gets the droid dome, the wings, signed armor panels, a piece of interior art and so on.

I will not strip anything out of the car until my new car is in hand.  At this moment, WYSIWYG.

If a buyer doesn't want the signatures, for example, those specific panels will be pulled off leaving the other ~300 panels in place.

If a buyer wants the wings, those will be stuffed into the trunk for delivery as they are not now safe for external mounting.

A buyer wants spare styrene, rattle cans and so on, they are free on request.

My phone number is available for lengthy text and conversation.

There's an outside chance I'll have a new car by this time next week.

Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

And I offer my congrats on never seeing a star wars film.

IMO if you ever do, stick with 1977 and 1980, the rest are trash.  Most everybody else pretty much has seen some or all the star wars and tv shows and knows what an R2 unit looks like and is familiar with Luke Skywalker's and his X-Wing.

At worst I've had people yell, "Transformers rule!" and questions on "Where the Mr. Fusion is?" and  gigawatt whatever. I've never seen Back to the Future or Transformers, but am aware of their tropes.

A general note,
If any given buyer does not want random strangers going out of their way to boast of their star wars love and how great the car is and how you just made their day, this is not the car for you.

This car promotes big smiles from pedestrians and dangerous inclinations from fellow drivers who will decide to up their speed to catch you all while driving through their phone's view finder to catch a picture.

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Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

The sole exclusive reason for selling is the passenger door light comes on while driving requiring me to open and close the door everytime I get out of it lest I come back to a dead battery. 

It's likely a simple switch, but I have nothing left in me to give to this car any more.   

I lived the with air bag lights on. I  lived with the headlight burning out. I lived with the rear light probs.  I lived with the key fobs failing and whatever else I wrote.  I simply can no longer live like this. 

If any shop could assure me of solutions, I would pay them to fix the issues.  No one can. This car is now in the realm of devoted car enthusiast and hobbyist who knows their way around the engine bay.

As to verbosity, I'd use "forthrightness", being open and fully honest as I am not looking to dupe anyone and believe more is better to make a judgement.  My apologies for any confused meanderings.

This car runs great and has 'simple' electrical issues that are beyond my ability to reckon with or tolerate any further.

Craigslist ad expires today. It may still be accessible until CL purges their servers.

PS>  I have no idea what a Zork is other than there are apparently two of them.  smile

Re: FS: X-Wing Class Tiburon. Los Angeles $500 + art options

Type44 wrote:

As they would say in Zork II, “Maximum verbosity!”

Love the Zork II reference, brings back memories.  Somewhere in a box I’m sure I still have a copy on 5.25” along with its predecessor.  Ah, the good ol’ 8086 days…

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