August 16-20 Hell on Wheels Rally lasts four days, ends at Monterey Weekend, proves even our track events aren't as exhausting as road driving.

Death Valley CA--As if driving terrible crapcans in a safe, controlled environment wasn't dicey enough, LeMons is taking its show on the road with the first-ever LeMons Rally. Forget shrimp lattes, 80-mile days, and stops at the Louis Vuitton outlet; this ill-advised venture includes super-long stages, Death Valley in high summer, barfy Boardwalk rides, and lots of ball sweat en route. 

Kicking off Aug 16th and ending Aug 20th at the Concours d'LeMons, it arrives just in time to crap up the otherwise classy environs of Monterey Car Weekend. Assuming, you know, that you make it.

LeMons' Hell on Wheels Rally is open to any street-legal vehicle, with preference given to stuff that'd piss off a Gullwing guy. French cars get double points, '50s iron ditto, and journalists in press cars start -2000 points down. The stranger your car, the more points you start with; the less strange your car, the less likely you are to get eaten by vultures ouside of Las Vegas.

All this for a measly $275. Buy your own food, pump your own gas, and book your own beds, because we aren't your mom. But if she fits in your car, you can bring her.

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I've run a tentative map on Mapquest and this looks to be a great 8-10 hour drive each day. Also I just noticed that the entry fee has changed (increased). Lastly, I love this part cause I was unsure if the Ford Transit Connect would qualify to the rally..

Anything street-legal, insured, and offensive to Gullwing guys

But I'm not able to figure out if we would be starting in the negative or positive based on the point system, Seeing how the Connect's body was made in Spain and the Engine was made in Mexico.. But I'm officially requesting that next years Lemon's rally be create on the east coast. Can't make this years challenge due to prearrangements and other obligations.

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Are we driving through the desert? Or it is go to Washington then Bend then back to Monterey. Trying
to get the route planed. Im thinking coast route to Astoria, Port Townsend, First starbucks, Mt Rainer, Mount Shasta,Lost coast, Cape Medo etc.
What you think?
Johnny O the real pirate!

O yea Not a rookie driver.

Air cooled is not cool in the desert with triple digits.

Back roads or dirt roads are the best.

Even the roads less traveled.