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The 24 Hours of Lemons Forums

LEMONS BAZAAR - Posts over 180 days old in this section will be purged.

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Lemons Classified on

Want a wider reach than just the Lemons forum? Check out the dedicated Lemons classifieds over at (This forum is located on an external site)

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Cars for Sale

All posts must include price and location. Lemons candidates only please!

Parts/Equipment/Gear for Sale

$20 turbo kits, skanky used driver gear, etc.

Drivers/Wrenches Looking for Teams

Think you got what it takes to survive a weekend in a tetanus infested crap can? Here is where you officially toss your helmet out into the ring.

Teams Looking for Drivers

Got an opening on your team? Put out the call in this section. Lemons races only please.


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Lemons Newcomers

A flame-free environment for rookie questions. Find help, locally or otherwise, for your first race here!

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  • 36,380 posts
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Bench Racing

Non race-specific Lemons BS.

Lemons Tech

Building and tweaking your Lemons car.

Pics, Pics, Pics (and Vids)

This stupid race is nothing if not photogenic.

Other Random Car Stuff

Street cars, tow vehicles, etc.

Drivers Lounge

Totally off topic posts go here.


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Our Crappy Race

Got a race coming up? Just finished one? Post here.

On Fire, Now What?

At a race and need a part, don't know how to fix something, or are otherwise FUBARed? Post here and maybe someone will take pity.

Lemons Rally!

As if driving terrible crapcans in a safe, controlled environment wasn't dicey enough, Lemons is taking its show on the road!

Lemons iRacing League

Stay on that couch and RACE!!


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1919 Franklin Cross-Country Trip

Concours d'Lemons-winning 1919 Franklin is traveling across the country in July and August 2018.

"K" It Forward

Can a group of rag-tag wanna-be racers successfully play the weirdest game of "hot potato" ever devised? You are going to watch this.

The Car-Powered Airplane

Like the plane-powered MR2, but the other way around.

The Airplane-Powered MR2

Some mostly foggy answers to the mostly un-asked plane-powered car question.

The Twin-Engine MRolla

Whaddya get when you combine an MR2 and a Corolla?

Project G.L.C.O.A.T.

The 8 wheeled, 4 rotor, WTF was the builder thinking and how high was Speedycop to actually buy it, forum.

The 2009 Win-A-Wartburg Challenge

The Saga of A Free Wartburg.

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