Topic: Looking for one or two new Bay Area team members in Sonoma County

We're the Old Crows team
We've run a 96 Mustang, #171, for 5 years now, about 20 races, and have placed as high as 2nd and 4th in B, with high hopes but little chance of ever actually winning B.  Two years ago we foolishly also built a Jensen Healey, #907, which, after a year of constant breakdowns, won C at Sonoma last March.  So we need a couple of new team members/drivers/wrenchers.  Looking for team members, not just arrive and drive.  Requires an average of about one workday a month or so on one or the other of our two cars, both of which are now fairly well sorted out.  Interested?  Enough of an idiot?  Call me.

Dr. Evil
Old Crows Racing & Willson Motorsports
'96 Mustang # 171 (almost an "also mentioned" in B Class), 18 time loser
'73 Jensen Healey #907 (cuz we're idiots, right?) 4 time loser