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Topic: 1986 BMW 528e track car [sold] (San Jose, CA)

1986 BMW 528e track car
in-progress track car, great candidate for Lemons

The car was originally purchased for Lemons race. A lot of sweat went into the build by a group of co-workers but it now needs to go to another home to be completed. The car needs just a bit of extra work and it should be ready to go on track. Note that this car has not been driven since purchase and prep work so all parts listed are brand new unless noted:
-original OMP roll cage parts imported from France specifically for e28 BMW and welded in place
-Bilstein/H&R sport suspension set #50428
-Kirkey intermediate road race 16" seat, with cover and floor mounts
-new Hawk HT10 brake pads front/rear includes 2 bottles of Motul race brake fluid
-new clutch slave cylinder
-resurfaced flywheel with new clutch
-rebuilt shift linkage, new shift boot and mount for shift lever support arm
-new battery with extended cables and shutoff switch
-used Momo steering wheel
Original wiring removed and only essential wiring installed. Engine is stock. Car was running fine before the work and body is very clean for a car this age. You're getting a very solid car with a lot of nice parts way below the original cost of car+upgrades+safety equipment!
Currently no fluids in the car (coolant, oil, and brake fluid were drained) All the door glass and interior has been stripped except for the front windshield and rear back glass. Sunroof has been removed (currently covered with cardboard and duct tape).

Re: 1986 BMW 528e track car [sold] (San Jose, CA)

Still for sale. Let me know if you have any questions.