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Can anyone aim me toward a resource that can teach me how to eliminate the key from my 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier and replace it with a starter button? Also, I am guessing a starter button is a starter button but is that the case?

Re: How to eliminate key and add start button

You don't have to eliminate the key. If you don't want to mess with the wiring or if it's some fancy factory anti-theft device: you just need to disable the steering lock. Follow the factory/haynes/internets instructions for removing the ignition key cylinder on your car, complete with that little bolt that goes through the steering column and locks it up. Remove the bolt from the mechanism and put the ignition cylinder back on, or skip removing the bolt and just attach the ignition cylinder to something solid where you can reach it and turn the ignition key. Done!

Of course, you can just wire all wires except "start" to "hot at all times", and then wire the "start" wire to a nice 10-20 amp starter button/household switch/whatever. But just removing the steering lock is easier if you don't want to mess with the wiring.

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Re: How to eliminate key and add start button

They want a button because buttons are cool!

You rig one switch to be your Accessory power, one for Ignition, then the button is connected to the starter.

For an 02 you'll need to wire in the stupid magic key to the hate box under the dash.

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Re: How to eliminate key and add start button

We left the key in ours, and leave it "on" all the time.  We "removed" the steering column lock by strong-arming the wheel back and forth until the mechanism broke off.  Presto, no more steering column lock.

Wire in a start button directly to the starter solenoid.  The solenoid doesn't draw too much current; a 10A or better momentary push button should be fine.

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