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I'm lucky enough to be a"professional" mechanic with the luxury of picking and choosing my projects. If it makes any difference, my current paycheck comes from making and installing sheet metal patch panels on a Datsun...

Yeah, so get back to work!  Slacker...


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So, from what some people claim here, spending a lot of time at something or being good at something makes you a professional.  Apparently there are several professional complainers here. ;-)

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I have a 78 chevy Malibu (G body).  Suspension parts and go fast parts are CHEAP!!! thanks to the circle track guys.  THis thing handles very well for its size.

That being said...   The circle track chassis are heavy and poorly designed.  I don't mean that the companies that are building and engineering these chassis don't know what they are doing.  I mean the GM did a SHITTY job of designing them in teh first place and now all of the circle track chassis have to deal with the crappy geometry. 

A stock G-body has camber LOSS in its suspensin travel!  The ackerman is horrible!  The rearends are all bindy!  Generally junk.  These circle track racers have some ways to work around this, but it is not ideal.

A stock honda civic has WAY better suspension designs than a g body or circle track car.

Basically what I am saying is this: 

(1) You CAN build essentially a circle track chassis car easily, but why (heavy, poor design).
(2) If you can build a fast car from the ground up using parts from over 50 years, do it!  The fact that it can be done and work so well is just good for the team (good Job!)
(3) I say let the circle track cars in!  Good luck getting them to handle worth a shit! 

Rob R.

P.S. If anybody wants some tips on how to make that Gbody handle better than stock, let me know.  I can inform you of what junkyard parts to get off of: Chevy Monzas, Chevy Caprices, Chevy Camaros, and S10(s)....   ...seems like a similar list of characters to the MTGT doesn't it?

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wow i started a monster lol wow



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I think the basic resolution we have come to is:
The only ex-circle track cars that will work in Lemons are the Hobby stocks,
4 bangers, and Mini trux... The only classes which use caged full bodied, non altered cars.
Using a cup car frame won't fly for many reasons, ultimately because the organizers said no...
What separates the T? It was built as a Lemons car, not as a race car then adapted to Lemons.

My personal theory on why no circle track cars? Because the powers that be don't want to see Lemons become home for the cast away race cars of other venues. Hence the stiff penalties for ex-Pro 7 cars and used up Spec Miatas.

End result? Want a ground up or custom lemon? Talk to Jay, plan it out, and work with him and the powers that be. Anything is possible, but it takes shitloads of work.

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JS - fish, dave, et al - I was going to PM you on this but I think it's better here, if not fuggin obvious in an obtuse way...

Proof, excuse and logic are difficult things. 'specially when arguing why a car should be in Lemons w/o BS laps or not.

I felt the need to point out that the rules allow tube-on-full-frame cars. You've done it...
I *think* I had to ruffle your feathers in a way that made you elaborate exactly what your shop is, what your car is and how it came to be
- because:
>the HotRod mag makes it sound like it's a cheater, sort of/mostly.
>I've had had students at CCSF ask things like "I hear you do Lemons - how do they allow *that*?" (other friends, too, but my school-dudes *don't do Lemons and asked!
>peeps here have made noise (this header for example) that they had issues similar
>peeps "from higher authority" have said directly/explicitly/implicitly "no tube frames"
>I'd a'liked to be able to what I illustrated earlier

...and then, I don't think that if it were approached another way (scripted, pm'd and edited, etc) there would not have been the feedback this issue needed from the forum of culprits and criminals here...

I apologize for being all ass-holiness, but the only way I could think of to make the point that what MTGT is is a circle-track tube-on-frame car made by hobbyists or in hobby-time was to pound a point using you as fodder - Your reputation, even the moniker "JalopyShoppe", and especially the HotRod article hung you out to dry, sorry...

Backhanded compliment, yep - but dude, I'm not likely to be coming over to your place fer a friendly beer unannounced, as I don't think we run in the same packs - and I DID NOT want to PM warn you As mentioned per Above - that's how *I* am.

one more time, yes - I think, and the whole point of this issue was to point out that "it has been done, so" that a tube-on-frame car is still a "mass-produced" car, and that it should be allowed, hooptie factor determining the BS laps w/o "it's-a-tube-frame" bias.

note on JS last post:
The advantage of the circle track tube-on-frame you speak of -
1. *That/the ones I'm talking about* rules-category circle-track car was not/was-specifically-forbade offset-by-design for left turns. It was a badly converted left-right car. As in it was "just a frame with safety equipment" that could be set up for anything a "regular/normal" car could.
~ I've seen a Gremlin adaptation of one of these take FTD at an autocross...
2. the rules changed so they are cheap.
3. they take just about any american iron (cheap) v-8
4. they take just about any leaf-spring (cheap) rear end.
5. you could hang just about any mid-sized car sheet metal on them with a sawzall and a screw-gun (more or less) and them becomes unlimited.