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Topic: Seat filled. Sonoma March 25-26th

Hello out there in Lemons Land,
I am in search of a last minute driver for Sonoma and the deadline is quickly approaching.   Our car is in B class and lately in the top 10 in class.  10 races with no DNFs.  If you are interested, please PM and I'll give you the details.
Thanks for looking,

Re: Seat filled. Sonoma March 25-26th

Hey Ed- have you found a driver yet?

I have a friend looking for a seat. He did Sonoma in December in Bobby Read's Celica and was clean but not fast. Lots of track day experience.



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Re: Seat filled. Sonoma March 25-26th

Thank you for all of the replies.  The Seat was filled right before the deadline. 

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