Topic: New Napa / Sonoma / North-Bay Team looking for members.

Whats up lemon heads. I have been running in NASA for several years and have worked several 25hr events as crew and Mgr. Now finally I am looking to put this all together with my own team.

Ideal team members will join us with a combination of basic driving ability, mainly a commitment and understanding of principle of car conservation. ANYONE can take a car out and burn it out in a few laps. In team racing we need people who know how to make the car last 8,10, 12 hrs.

Some mechanical knowledge, ability to assist in car prep, brake service, tire swaps. We have an engine builder and fabricator, so nothin like that is expected.

$$. Yes it cost money to race, even in Lemons. Car prep, gear, fuel, tires, food you get the idea. Oh and were running V8 mustangs as well so you have to pay to play with these babies.

#1 a good attitude and work ethic.

if you want to know more call.

Eli 707-318-1562