Topic: Very Experienced Driver Looking for a Ride at MSR Houston

Despite the topic subject of this post sounding like a Casual Encounters Craigslist ad, I'm a solid driver looking for a seat at MSRH May 6-7.

Here's a bit about me:

  • Licensed NASA Racer since 2008

  • 2016 NASA Texas TTC Champion

  • HPDE Instructor for The Driver's Edge, BMW CCA, SCCA, PCA

  • Accomplished mechanic (I own a shop in Dallas)

  • Have well over 100 weekends of track experience

  • Multiple Lemons, Chump, WRL podium finishes including multiple overall wins

  • Extensive race experience in RWD and FWD (with limited HPDE experience in AWD)

  • I like dogs

  • I type 60+ words a minute

  • I'm good with computers

  • I know all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby

I buddy of mine is racing and I decided to go and support him.  Then it hit me...why not try to find a seat since I'll be there anyway.  So if you are looking for a driver that can take care of the car while turning extremely competitive lap times, please let me know. 

-bj meyer

Re: Very Experienced Driver Looking for a Ride at MSR Houston

Sorry this is a late reply for the May 17 Race at MSR Houston, but we are looking for additional drivers for the next race. We are a team out of Fort Worth, in the process of adding an additional car.  Please let me know if you're still interested, you can email me; wtprater@gmail