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Topic: 1993 Intrepid (NOT MINE) $100 (not stolen)

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A kamerade from another forum owns this, its in the NJ area, wants $200

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Re: 1993 Intrepid (NOT MINE) $100 (not stolen)

I am the owner.

Now asking $100 but I just got to get it out of there so make an offer.

Does not run.  Was using it everyday and then parked in and the next day would not start.  I think it is the fuel pump.  Also needs battery as I used it to get my other car running. Trans fluid should be changed as it downshifts hard when stopping. Oil leak from front of engine by timing belt. I think it is just a plug. I could get it to run but will cost more time and money than I am willing to put into it. Is a good parts car if you like. It was inherited from my aunt many years ago and then used as an extra car. Was saving for my son who just bought a Jeep.

Just make an offer and take it away.

Re: 1993 Intrepid (NOT MINE) $100 (not stolen)

$50.00 takes it.  It is in Northern NJ.

Re: 1993 Intrepid (NOT MINE) $100 (not stolen)

In a sea of ads with cars that are overpriced, this one stands out as being fairly priced.

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Re: 1993 Intrepid (NOT MINE) $100 (not stolen)

Car is gone. It went as a donation to "Wheels for Wishes, New Jersey".