Topic: 1993 Del Sol Si -$500 Chico, CA

This thing looks like a $500 car.

Otherwise, the engine is ready to rock. Roughly 220,000 miles on it, but it refuses to show any sign of degradation. This vehicle seems prime for this event, seeing as most everything aside from the power-train & transmission have been neglected. The drive tires are almost slicks from wear, and the brakes are lacking to say the least.
The engine is stock, with no silly accouterments added to it. 1.6 liters of factory fun.

This is the most fun and responsive vehicle I've ever driven for the original $2000 I paid for it. I would be very pleased for it to receive a Viking funeral at 24 Hours of Lemons. If someone would like to put it to use, I would gladly come down to the event as a spectator.

P.S. This is the only car that I've ever chirped the tires shifting into 3rd gear. The D16Z6 that they put in this thing, with its 7200rpm Redline is entirely too fun.