Topic: Chicago area looking to race autobahn

I’m looking for a team that has a car and just needs people and wrench help. I’m free weekends and have a lot of experience fixing hoopties and overall mechanics. Crazy knowledge of bmws and old mercs.  Open to anything in terms of cars though. Located in Chicago and don’t mind driving. A years worth of auto crossing an 87 e30.

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Re: Chicago area looking to race autobahn

We MAY be running 2 cars at Autobahn and MAY need additional drivers.  We do have an extensive support network and could potentially hook you up with another team if we don't end up with an open spot.  We're having a build day tomorrow if you want to come hang out.  Team is Bad Decisions.  Our cars are a 1948 Plymouth and a 1995 Dustbuster minivan.  Email me if interested in coming by.  RLCHV70 @ yahoo.

Edit:  Location is far south suburbs.