Topic: 2002 Ford ZX2 Tommy Boy Edition

Have a look at this beauty!
If you want to go race in the 24Hrs of Lemons this is your car. Purchased 4 years ago and saved from the clutches of a car crusher, this 2002 ZX2 is a class B winner at the 2018 Get Yur Phil 500 Lemons race. Car never finished below 3rd in class or outside the top 8 overall within a field of 60+ cars in 4 total races.   It's track/race ready.

Car comes with these incredible features that will make your wife question your sanity:
- Engine runs. Same way it did when we bought it. We even put synthetic oil in it!
- 8 original ZX2 wheels and tires. Tread is as questionable as your decision to buy and go race this little pearl.
- Front windshield with Champagne and Coors Light stains from the victory celebration.
- Brakes work, although I'm not sure we used them much.
- Driver seat belts are good through 2020, if the rest of the car lives that long.
- Rear spoiler that adds at least 7 ounces of downforce at 104mph. Trust me - we tested this.
- An exhaust of unknown origin that attracts all kinds of slammed Civic owners.
- Steering wheel, passenger seat of marginal quality, rear view mirrors to look at all the cars getting ready to pass you, a roof ventilation system for hot days at the track and a dashboard that will impress even the best hoarder.
- Inflatable deer is negotiable.
- Blue Latex paint to help aerodynamics. Will include the limited edition Callahan and 2 Zalinsky Auto Parts decals at no extra charge.
- Roll cage that'll keep you safe when you pin it into the guy on your left. Essentially its "wife approved".

In all seriousness, this is a tough sell as the car has been terrific to run in 4 Lemons races in the past several years. I met the original owner and builder of the car who's a local racer, he did an impressive job building this for the race series.

Asking $2500 for anyone I don't know. Add $400 if I know you as I know I'll be asked to help get this to the track.
More pictures here: … FsLUtVN2V3