Topic: [California, SLO county] $1200 Porsche 944 Parts/Racer/Project

Greetings again, Lemons forum! I actually bought this car from this forum a couple years ago, from a nice man selling it for his dad in Hollister California. It was a grand adventure digging it out and towing it home, and I started working on it. Eventually I got it up and running and drove it around a little bit, and it's just been having a lot of issues that I cannot justify the effort(and money) that I will need to put into it to get it back up and roadworthy.

State of car:
-It runs, but you shouldn't start it right now. It has run, I can show you video, but it isn't running now and you shouldn't expect to make it home on the road without a trailer. See the bad section below.
-Battery is good.
-Interior is great, except for dash which is cracked. Seats are 9/10, carpet is like 7/10.
-Paint is solid but faded, except for one big scratch the P/O added with his bulldozer when trying to dig the car out for me.
-Has a full tank of 93-octane with sta-bil fuel stabilizer in it, you don't have to worry about the gas tank or fuel system rotting.
-83,xxx miles.
-Failed smog as a gross polluter.
-I started registration in my name, but due to the car failing smog I have not gotten the title. I can give you a bill of sale and all the large amount of paperwork I have for the car.

Note: There is easily enough parts on this car to get the Lemons cost to $0. And honestly I'm asking $1200, but that's $1200 in craigslist bucks. We both know the real price is lower, I'm not firm on $1200 at all.

Here's the story of what I have done:

-Change oil
-Change coolant
-Change transmission gear oil
-Patched up oil pressure sender wiring
-Replaced one spark wire that had been eaten.
-Change Air Filter
-New timing and balance shaft pulleys and idlers
-New timing and balance shaft belts
-New Starter
-Changed oil
-New Wipers
-New DME relay
-New Cooling Fan Relay
-New fuel injectors
-New Fuel Filter
-New Fuel Pump
-New Plugs
-Changed oil

Here's what has happened that is bad:

-Runs like an absolute filthy rich pig. (I think it is the AFM.)
-Failed smog as a gross polluter (as a result of the above), and might need a new cat.
-I was nailing it onto the freeway to see how it felt under load, and it blew a HUUUUGE smoke screen out on the on-ramp, like 007. We theorize that it's either valve stem seals, or a blown head gasket. I haven't been able to diagnose it either way, but the oil is not chocolate milk, nor is the coolant.
-The reason I say you shouldn't start it: It's started leaking a fair bit of oil out what I think is the rear main seal since it's been sitting after the smoke screen incident.
-Genuinely I think the engine needs an entire rebuild, or to be replaced with a known good motor that's been pulled. This car would be ideal for a Lemons team that already has a 944 as a parts car, or already has a worse 944 that they want to use as a parts car for this car.

(linking the images after the first one due to bandwidth)
(note, images are from ~5 months ago before I started working on the car in earnest. It is cleaner, and the engine bay is much more put together, but I don't have the nice camera I used for this pictures. If you want more up to date pictures from my phone, just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige)

Here is a link to my craigslist ad(if this isn't allowed I apologize, and mods please edit this out): … 42683.html

If you want to get my attention quickly, email me at my username @ gmail.