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Topic: Looking for a driver for fall CMP & Road Atlanta

Looking for a driver/wheelman/wrencher/smartass or w/e you'd like to call yourself for fall CMP Sept 14/15 & Road Atlanta Dec 14/15.

We are USMC Racing out of Slidell, LA. We drive a lovely ‘96 Crown Vic.



For each venue we'll have five drivers.

Also, if you’re in the New Orleans area, looking for a permanent team member

Driver fees will be discussed offline. FYI I do have a HANS device which we can share if needed.

We are coarse, and rough around the edges, and we curse....a lot...so if you cant handle that, we aint your team.

Look forward to hearing from yall!

Brian C 904-233-5288

Brian C.
USMC Racing, Team Owner/Driver
Cell: 904-233-5288
Email: chestyschariot@usmcracing.com