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Looking for an experienced driver for a fast class A BMW in New Orleans.  Price is $1000 plus the fuel you burn.  We finished second overall at NOLA last year and will be trying to top five this year as well.

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Hello BTP 76, I’m older, tons of experience in lots of form of racing, haven’t done much in years, excavation contractor,raised, sent the kids thru college, now, want to get back in at some level, came across Lemons, sounds great to me!, I’d only be interested to
Hook up with a team that is current and competive sounds like you, I t looks like Lemons is fun racing, that’s great, I want to have fun racing and win, I’m 5’7”  195 ish I’ve raced lots of motorcycles, snowmobiles, street Stocks, lots of 200 and 500 milers, I KNOW ABOUT NOT TEARING UP EQUIPMENT AND FINISHING, IM EZ ON STuff I traveled  a couple of years on the nascar infinity series, it was 
Busch grand national back then, when it was real racing in nascar  I’ll be in Florida thru April, so Nola would be perfect, I would pay for the testing day on fri,see if you like me, and I like you, if it works, I’d want to go to 24 hrs in SC ok I rambled enough, shoot me an email to, let’s chat racing,

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I am interested in participating in the NOLA race. I have several years of experience in dirt late model racing as well as karting. I was actually going to race for a team with a Porsche 944 until I was informed that the motor blew last week and will not be repaired in time to make the race. I live locally (about 15 minutes from the track) and am familiar with the layout. Please let me know if you still need to fill a seat. I am 6'0" 185lbs and have already paid my license fee. Shoot me an email if interested

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I was on the same team w/Chester (above post).
Looking for seat as well.

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Hi, I've got 12-14 Lemons races under my belt from many years ago (a few top-10 finishes in California) and have been racing Spec E30 since with many podium finishes. I've got a ton of laps around NOLA and live locally. Hit me up if interested.