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Topic: FREE 225 Slant Six (some assembly required) Houston, TX

I need to make space in my garage, and I have enough engine spares now (Thanks NSF!) that I can get rid of some stuff. Enough stuff, in fact, to (almost) put together an entire slant six engine! Come get it from my garage in south Houston; I'll even help you load it. Parts are as follows:

One 1978 slant six short block (cast crank, solid lifters). Not sure if it was running when it was pulled, but it does turn over. I got it secondhand with no cylinder head, and it's clearly been sitting in someone's garage for a while. (Not rusty, but coated in grease and dust.) Includes camshaft and timing set of unknown quality. It's got a passenger car oil pan of some variety. No harmonic balancer or timing cover installed, but I have a spare (early 70s?) timing cover that can go with it.

One 1964 cylinder head ("drool tube" spark plug style), removed from a running parts car engine. If the valve guides aren't completely shot, you could clean it up and run it as-is. Also partially disassembled, but I have a complete rocker arm assembly and at least one set of stock valves to choose from. Also a few 70s-era valve covers and probably a set of pushrods to choose from somewhere. I definitely have a set of good head bolts. It will need valve stem seals for sure.

I have more than one set of stock intake/exhaust manifolds; take as many as you like. I also have a box of 3 or 4 Carter BBS (single barrel) carbs in various conditions, but that might cost you a 6-pack of something without the word "Lite" in the title. Aluminum scrap is actual dollars!

In short, for the low, low cost of free, you get enough parts to make a running engine (less a harmonic balancer and a gasket set). How can you beat that?

I'm not dealing with shipping or freight, even if you pay for it. I could be persuaded to deliver in the greater Houston area for some nominal fee.

I could also be persuaded to throw the long block together with all the spare parts I have (and a piece of cardboard to protect the deck surface) and help load it into a Lemons Cross-Country Delivery Network courier vehicle, if the lucky customer sets that up. I might even be able to bring it to a Lemons race for pickup in 2020 (think Barber, HPR, NOLA) if I still have all this crap by then, which I hope I don't.

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Re: FREE 225 Slant Six (some assembly required) Houston, TX

If all goes according to plan and I am out to Houston for MSR, I would be glad to remove this burden from your garage for your asking price.

However, if somebody else comes along before then, they can take it.

Or if my plans disappear in a flash of smoke from a pack of Guitanes...

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Re: FREE 225 Slant Six (some assembly required) Houston, TX

IIRC, it's headed to Florida.

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Re: FREE 225 Slant Six (some assembly required) Houston, TX

Oh well.

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