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We're looking for two drivers to join our team at the Heartland event.  The car is a purty purple Miata named "Scrappy" that's a blast to drive.  This is our sophomore effort and first out of our home state of Colorado.  We managed eighth overall at the June HPR event.  While it would be nice to do better our desire is simply to have a good time and get as much seat time as possible while staying as clean as possible. 

The cost is $900 which pays for a seat, food, and mild adult beverages.  We can share hans devices if necessary (we have a medium and large).  Any driver will need to acquire the $50 helmet radio thingie from the Lemons website so they can plug into our radio setup.  We also run a sweet cool shirt system so any driver would be highly encouraged to bring their own cool shirt. 

If interested shoot me an email at maxcabrini at 

The car has it's own Facebook page @ "scrappyisaracecar" where we've posted a lot of build stuff. 

We've also unloaded a bunch of thrilling videos of the last race and a mess of practice sessions on YouTube - the channel is "Max-Susan Lawson".

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We still have one seat left!  smile

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Thanks to all those interested who reached out! 

Our team is all filled up now!