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Topic: *SOLD* ATL SU622E Fuel Cell $600 in Concord NC

2 years old, this cell was $2000 not counting the full size holley hydramat that is installed.  We've retired the car this was in and don't have a use for it any more.  Kevlar reinforced rubber, the 600 series bladders are alcohol and ethanol compatible so this cell doesn't break down with ethanol fortified pump gas or E-85.  Even so, it has spent most of the last two years drained; only holding premium pump gas during the races. 

Also includes a custom built mounting cage made of 1"x0.120 square tube, or it can be unbolted from the cage and installed in your own mounting system.  See the link below for size information.  If you cut the spare tire well out of an E30 this will drop down perfectly between the frame rails. 



Re: *SOLD* ATL SU622E Fuel Cell $600 in Concord NC

It sounds like I'm probably going to be making a run down to CMP this Saturday, so I could deliver this to the Fall South race if you're going to be there.

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sent forum email

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Re: *SOLD* ATL SU622E Fuel Cell $600 in Concord NC

This is sold, pending funds.