Topic: For Sale: '99 Contour SVT Lemons car, San Jose CA

Lemons race car looking for a new home. It’s a 1999 Ford Contour SVT. We need to move it out of its current storage location and are open to either solving the storage problem or letting it go to a new group interested in getting into Lemons racing. We would be asking for $500 for the car itself, (little compared to the $$$ that went into the safety systems like the roll cage), but we would want to hand it off to someone with the means to deal with it—space to store it, truck/trailer to move it, and plenty of time to work on it. If you think that might be you (or you’re not interested but have a viable storage option), let us know and we can chat more. Currently located in San Jose, CA. I can't post links (yet) so hoping this and one more post will allow me to add those... Other details below:

- Drivetrain and suspension are completely stock
- Custom exhaust, lightweight but not loud
- ST43 brake pads; these work great for multiple races
- Roll cage designed and fabricated by John Pagel @ Evil Genius Racing (head Lemons tech/safety guy)
- Kirkey aluminum seat

Misc notes:
- Car has seen 9 races (since 2016)
- Engine runs well, at least when cold
- Some cooling challenges on hot days at Thunderhill: the car doesn’t overheat but runs hot, which leads to some power loss
- Some small oil leaks (oozing), but nothing problematic for Lemons
- Stock suspension handles surprisingly well on the track, though there are the usual clunks and play
- Comes with two sets of wheels, one aftermarket and one stock Ford Contour SVT
- Also comes with misc. spare parts
- Clean title available; currently registered in CA as a non-op
- Needs a new harness (or existing harness needs to be mailed back for re-certification, as it’s recently expired)
- May want to replace the battery
- May need fire suppression system upgrades; we were compliant as of 2018 rules, but there may have been changes


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news:  https://24hoursoflemons.com/blog/ford-c … -race-car/
pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fseSqzffgyrmPm539


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