Topic: 1987 Jaguar XJS V12 $500 Indianapolis

For sale 1987 (I think) Jaguar XJS.  I bought this car at auction hoping to race it, but its been sitting for years now and our primary car takes all our time anyway so its time to pass this on. 

The car used to be some sort of race car.  It has an existing cage (will not pass tech), and a "fuel cell" (will not pass tech).  I don't know any of the history on it, where it was raced or why.  It has from what I can tell the stock V12 and auto 4spd.  The engine does not run, I've never attempted to start it and it is missing some parts.  It looks like the whole engine harness has been cut, vacuum lines cut, and there may or may not be critters living somewhere inside.  There is an ecu sitting on the floor inside the car but I wouldn't count on it working. 

You could get the V12 running and run in class C, or drop an LS in and run class A.  The engine bay is huge so the opportunities for interesting engine swaps is great.

I have it listed for $500 but I'm willing to make a very good deal to anyone who will come pick it up and bring it to its full racing potential.  Right now the car is located on the west side of Indianapolis.  If you want pics, let me know and I'll email you.  No title.