Topic: Driver/Wrench looking for Team in PNW for Oregon Raceway Park


I am interested in joining any teams looking for members near the Portland, OR area.  I am a mechanical engineer with hands-on experience with in-short:  industrial hydraulic, fluid flow, and heat transfer systems. I would like to be both a wrench and a driver but any role would be fine as this is my first attempt at being a part of a 24 Hours of Lemons Race. 

As a wrench, I maintain and weekend a high-mileage '71 Cutlass Supreme and therefore have more experience in carbureted engines than I do tweaking EFI ECU's.  Some tasks I have successfully pursued are carburetor rebuilds, timing adjustments, disc break rebuilds, throttle/transmission linkage correction, and other smaller achievements (for me). 

My current projects are implementing a data-recording device/sensors on my autocross car and rebuilding my TH350 transmission for the Supreme which I am very excited about. 

As a driver, I have participated for 3 years in autocrosses through SCCA and the PCA in primarily a FWD car on longer courses in the Midwest.  I have attended a few novice skills clinics and classes.  The sensors and data recording devices on autocrosses this year should help me to start analyzing what I can do better, or more likely, what I am doing wrong.   

To anyone's table I can bring my share of the budget, an engine hoist, a collection of tools, my own racing equipment, and enthusiasm for this awesome chance at some good fun and seat time.

Shoot me a message if you have any availability and thank you for reading my little blurb,