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Topic: Race Ready 89 Civic Lemon $5000 in Cincinnati

1989 Honda Civic Si "EF" hatch by Team Non Sequitur, #528
Two third place finishes last year, 2050 lbs. race weight
Many parts from 92 DA Integra
B20z engine with VTECH head, ported and polished with loving care
Custom tuned to 175 hp dyno, 140 ft-lbs
Ignition cuts at 8400 rpm
Rebuilt tranny, Raxles, Type R front rotors, Mini rears
Stiffer springs on adjustable perches with adjustable shocks
Runs 2-hour stints without cutout
Great car with lots of improvements from 10 years of Lemons racing, lots of spares including wheels/tires.
Gave mediocre drivers 1st in Midwest award (so now we can retire on top).
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