Topic: parts for sale long island new york

sup dudes,

i have amassed a wealth of excellent junk. now don't all go nuts over it all at once!

ive got a

spare aluminum griffin radiator for a 1st gen camaro with an electric fan 50

99 5.3 chevy ls motor with a stage 3 turbo cam, 800
otherwise stock ran when pulled about a year ago

turbo headers for that motor 200 new
shorty headers for that motor 200 new

turbo 400 converter and flexplate 300 new

set of 4x100 steelies for a miata 15x8 with sticky old 245 wide bfgs 200

old kirkey seat - not good for Lemons, probably good for circle track or something 40

let me know  text me at 631-903-1432