Topic: LEGEND IN THE MAKING - '34 Humber - $3K - Dixon, IL

Can't imagine anybody will buy this thing, so a lowball and showing up with cash would probably get it done. 1934 HUMBER

Eric Rood
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Re: LEGEND IN THE MAKING - '34 Humber - $3K - Dixon, IL

So far Humbers do have a perfect two-for-two IOE record.

1982 MG Metro 1300: IOE 2015 Pacific Northworst GP, Longest Distance 2010 Cd'L Box Wine Country Classic
1980 KV Mini 1: Worst of Show and Fright Pig Supremo 2009 Concours d'Lemons
1978 H Special: Second-Round Elimination 2010 Lemons Pinewood Derby at Sears Pointless
1967 SAAB 96: IOE 2012 Pacific Northworst GP