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Topic: Looking to wrench in Colorado


Tech nerd looking to get into Lemons racing. Ive done shifter kart racing in my youth but looking to join a team as a slack-jawed wrencher. I've done enough wrenching on various junk cars to know how not to drop an engine on my toes and and can accurately eyeball the proper amount of blinker fluid for a Plymouth Cricket. Located in the metro Denver area. Have my own tools, willing to pay my share in turn for XP.

Special powers:

  • With a couple of beers can double as a Vanna White look alike.

  • Can discuss in painstaking detail the finer points of Pokemon and Magic the Gathering collectable card games.

  • With high degree of accuracy can write swear words in the snow in Latin with my own pee.

  • Able to distinguish authentic silk underwear by site alone.

EDIT: I know there is a Colorado Lemons Facebook group out there. I don't Facebook, but would like to get in touch with folks from that group.

Re: Looking to wrench in Colorado

Welcome to the nuthouse.  I am the dumb dumb that races the 50 dodge in Colorado.  Always happy to have people throw wrenches at things.  Give me a call/text at 720-667-6550 sometime.