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Topic: BMW E30 Lemons car for sale, Sold

Team Circle of Jerks is calling it quits.  Maybe we're finally turning into mature and responsible adults or maybe we're just getting old.  In any event our car is for sale.  It started out life as a 1986 325e.  It has run several races at Gingerman, most often in Deathmobile livery.  It is ready for a Lemons race, with the exception of onboard fire suppression system (wasn't required when we last raced it).

Here are the details;
2.7L with performance chip
newer clutch
water pump, timing belt, etc... recently replaced
all brake lines, hoses, and master cylinder have been replaced
all suspension/chassis bits and subframe mounts have been replaced
Bilstein racing struts/shocks and H&R racing coil springs
Delrin motor mounts
LSD clutch discs recently replaced
DOM roll cage
OMP racing seat & G-Force belt
Southern car, very solid body

additional parts;
2.7L engine w/approx 150k miles on it
set of newly rebuilt brake calipers
set of wheels and tires
new radiator


The car is located in central Michigan.  $5,000 for the car and extra parts. 

Thank for looking.  Steve

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getting old?  Our teammate is turning 80 in september.  How old do you have to be?

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Actually my good friend who co-owned the car with me died a couple of years ago and it just ain't the same without him...  RIP Keith.

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Hey Steve, a few friends and I are looking at getting started with Lemons. We are interested in this BMW. I would love to talk with you about the car. Text me at: 8475024644.

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You may also update the subject line of your OP

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Interested and ready if the sale does not happen, you can call or text me 914 490 7683,

Thanks,  Andy

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