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Topic: SOLD Free 2002 Firebird with spare 2008 Lacrosse

So I paid $100 for 2002 Firebird  with a bad engine.  I sold the seats for $100 so I am even.

My neighbor gave me 2008 Lacrosse. His  dad had died, theycould not find the title and rats had chewed thru the wiring harness.

Plan A was to put the engine in the firebird.

Plan B was to get the Lacrosse  running and sell it and Buy a BMW instead.

I had gotten the Lacrosse to run for about  15 seconds and was going to try to finish it today when I busted the MAP sensor and the engine wont fire at all.  Now I just want to go for a swim ..

Plan C is get rid of both cars and buy the BMW.

I need these  gone soon so please come soon with two trailers

Austin Texas
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