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Topic: Starting a new team in Tampa Florida

Hello all,

Myself and one other friend have been dreaming about starting a Lemons team for a long time, and finally the situation is right to get started. There are only 2 of us so far so we are looking to add a couple more.

A bit about us:
- Late 30’s
- No racing experience to speak of
- One of us (me) has some auto mechanics experience (built a few successful project cars), other guy is a total noob
- We have a nice garage and tools, but no car yet. Plan to pick something out in the next couple months.
- Plan is to prep over the winter or so, target a race entry in the early part of 2023 ideally. We know we might have to travel there, that’s okay, we’ll figure it out.
- Target is to finish and have a good time at the first race, then think more about competitiveness.

Money is less of a limiting factor than time. We are hoping to find some people that are local, fun to work with, at least marginally reliable, and maybe bring some wrenching or racing experience to the table. If you’ve got that stuff, we care a lot less about your ability to pay.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, send me a message or reply here and let’s talk!

Re: Starting a new team in Tampa Florida

Well hopefully I can help.


- Early 40's ( but look and act late 20's to early 30's)
- Automotive tech for 17 years (specialty in GM but worked on pretty much every make)
- Live in Bradenton
- No track experience but can handle a car in a crowd. (Florida driver for 14yrs no tickets or accidents.)
- Can drive a manual transmission with no issues
- Open minded personality with no brand or political loyalties.
- Awkward and weird sense of humor
- Flexible but can stay on task to get a job done.

I have dreamed of running in Lemons for years. I am not going into this wanting to win, just to have fun and get some seat time. Let me know if you want to know anything else. I am pretty open.

Re: Starting a new team in Tampa Florida

Sent you a message!