Topic: eBay Finds of the Week, 12/22: A Datsun & some V8s!

Rad Era stuff last week and this week was going to be all cars that have V8s (or should have V8s), but then I saw the winner. And damn, Lemons needs that car. Auction ends TOMORROW for the Datsun.

Winner: 1965 Datsun PL410 in Phoenix - Just amazing patina, would be the oldest Japanese car in Lemons. Pushrod 1.2-liter engine, I think, and a few years before the first 510s. Looks hella sweet, ends TOMORROW (once again).

AND ONTO THE V8s (or should-bes)

1978 Mercury Cougar XR7 - At Country Classic Cars on I-55 near Staunton. Wild place, they probably would take a menial amount of money for it. Haven't had this-era Cougar in a race, though Ed White ran an '80 with the wheezing 255 on a couple rallies.

1965 Mercedes Fintail - The classic "unfinished project" with an LS Swap + Automatic. Not what I'd choose on a car with swing axles, but there it is. Probably won't handle diabolically more than a Camaro, at least. Anyway, they look awesome.

1988 Jeep Wagoneer - Probably will go for a disgusting amount of money for the condition OR will go bidless for a couple listings and then you can swoop in with $500 to take this decrepit once-cool proto-SUV home.

2003 Infiniti M45 - V8! 340 Horsepower! Probably no problems whatsoever with 20-year-old Nissan design and likely a half-dozen owners with a decade of deferred maintenance! Did I mention 340 horsepower? Forget the salvage title, it's probably fine.

1981 Chrysler Cordoba - File under "Saddest performance of the Malaise Era." This is a 3600-pound car with a 90-horsepower Slant Six and a Torqueflite 3-speed. You're not going anywhere in a hurry. Throw a 318 or 360 in it, we wouldn't care. Or run it with the stock drivetrain and be one of the slowest vehicles in Lemons history!

1941 Buick - Has obviously been sitting in a junkyard for 30 (or more) years with the engine sitting open. Slap a 3800 V6 in it and let's go!

1940 Plymouth Truck - Too oddball not to include, but Plymouth did indeed build trucks a few times. This one kind of looks like it might all be there? Hard to say, but would be a hella sweet compliment to the Grumpy Cat '50 Dodge Truck.

Eric Rood
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Re: eBay Finds of the Week, 12/22: A Datsun & some V8s!

i like the bleeding rust...

Re: eBay Finds of the Week, 12/22: A Datsun & some V8s!

lol..The Buy It prices for the Wagoneer is $6700

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