Topic: FB Mazda RX-7 Lemons Car - Marcellus, MI - $4900

The Ad wrote:

"...the car is currently plastidipped over the original livery which is well-known to the Lemons judges"

Yeah, I know exactly which car this is. BUT. It's about as well-sorted as any rotary RX-7 left in Lemons, has run Top 10 laps and finished Top 10 and if I remember right, ran in the Top 3 pretty late into races more than once. Sounds like it's already been sold from the original team and new owner doesn't want it. … r-rx7.html

Eric Rood
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Re: FB Mazda RX-7 Lemons Car - Marcellus, MI - $4900

"should pass tech easily as such (with a small bribe to Jay with a bottle of Jameson)"

Man I wish I knew you could bribe through safety tech too!

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