Topic: Lemons driver looking for a seat for Kershaw in April

My name is Kyle Bangs and I’m looking for a seat for the Kershaw race in April. I am a 33 year old travel ER nurse who is in the South Carolina area working. I have a team and car back home in Colorado, we race a 2003 Subaru Impreza that I built in my home garage so I can wrench, weld on anything. I also understand what it takes to get a car on track even with Lemons so I am careful to make it through the entire weekend to enjoy the experience. I am looking for a fun team while I am out here, I have my own equipment as well as a HANS so I am ready to drive. I have raced multiple Lemons events in my car and many HPDE days across the country since I’ve been traveling. I am decently funded and can pay my share of the weekend no problem. Thanks for the interest, reach out via email or phone 9702278516.