Topic: 69 opel kadett !!! PA $700

too awesome to even utter a word

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Re: 69 opel kadett !!! PA $700

Love it!  Too nice to Lemonize it.

I used to race autocross with some guys from the Netherlands that all had Opels. Great guys and crazy AF! LOL

This was in Bitburg, Germany 2005-2009.

I would daily and rally this one.

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Re: 69 opel kadett !!! PA $700


Not that it should stop anyone but it's been done.

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Re: 69 opel kadett !!! PA $700

too nice! its true...
somebody should buy it and make it a daily...

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Wife said I couldn't make it my sons first car

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Re: 69 opel kadett !!! PA $700

Crap, looks like I was late.... and its in the place I hang out too. hmm
This car....Is said to have a will of it's Own. Twisting its own body in rage...It accelerates on.
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