Topic: eBay Finds of the Week, January 4: Gangbusters Week!

Had some Rad-era finds a couple weeks ago that were great; the Fiero and Firebird both went for under a grand, the Checker went bidless. This week, eBay is chock full of awesome stuff. After the winner, I'll just post them in chronological order and I can't imagine any of these running anywhere but Class C if you run them more or less as their builders intended.

A WINNER IS...THREE 1953 Hudson Super Jets - You can buy them all for $2K, too. Absolutely badass and you should be able to cobble one good car from them plus an assortment of parts, allegedly.

1949 Packard Straight Eight - You could have Lemons' first Packard and it would have a proper straight-8! Seller says it runs, interior is a little roached but not disgusting and the Buy It Now is $1500! Close enough for a Packard!

1959 Plymouth Belvedere - The proper fins and a flathead six, which I had no idea Chrysler was still putting in cars this late. Huck a 360 or a Big Block in there, we won't care. Hell, just make it run and Rally it because that interior is absolutely awesome.

1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner - Exceedingly rough, but as the seller says: "Junk yard wants me to pay $25 plus tow it. I think it would make great yard art or place for goats to play... I don't have the heart to crush her."

1961 Hillman Super Minx - Rootes Group All-Star right here. Would be Lemons' second Hillman after cheseroo's Imp.

1963 Rambler American - Speaking of late flathead engines...this one still has the Nash/Rambler flathead in 1963 and three on the tree. Seller says the flathead is toast anyway, so find an AMC 196.6 or just put a Jeep 4.0L/AMC 258 in it.

1971 Chevy Vega - It's unclear if this is already set up for a V8 or if it was just an aspirational thing. Either way, more Vegas is more gooder.

1976 Datsun 280Z - "Expect some rust." Probably a fair assessment. But believe it or not, there are a ton of 280Z and 260Z out there and they're not all a billion dollars.

1977 Ford Granada Coupe - Absolutely awesome. We've had a couple Granadas over the years and some Ford experts will be able to tell me if it's actually a '77. I think it's actually a 302 instead of a six-cylinder as listed? Maybe?

1979 Subaru BRAT - Still has the jumpseats!!!

1989 Toyota Corolla Deluxe Wagon - This thing is absolutely HAMMERED. Every body panel mangled and the interior looks like there was a bear attack. Therefore, perfect for Lemons.

1993 Mazda 323 - I can't remember ever seeing a 323 sedan. Pretty sweet and should have about 80 horsepower on a cool day.

1996 Nissan Hardbody - Metal scrap-collecting cage, perfect for theming.

1998 Mercedes CL600 - DEPRECIATION SPECIAL! Is there anything more daunting than "Sold As-Is" on a $140,000 V12 Mercedes?

2004 Mercedes ML500 - A car with a story: "EVERY BODY PARTS HAVE BEEN HIT BY BASEBALL BAT OR SIMILAR...EVERYTHING INSIDE HAS BEEN DAMAGED/CUT BY CUTTER..." I'd say that's just about perfect.

1999 Ford F-250 Utility Truck - Perfect Tow Pig!

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons

Re: eBay Finds of the Week, January 4: Gangbusters Week!

Lemons needs a ALL VEE-12 class... Winner take all!