Re: AMB patent expiring... affordable transponders?

Maybe asking a dumb question, but given today's tech, is the best approach to try to build an FOSS version of the mylaps hardware?

I've messed around with a few simple PCBs, but I'd think it'd be possible to get a fairly accurate GPS with some kinda of wireless like LORA.  It could provide real time data to track and team to see speed, location on track etc.  You'd still need to figure out how to solve for two cars cross the finish line at the same time problem, but maybe a high speed camera could solve that.

Re: AMB patent expiring... affordable transponders?

I think the holdup isn't as much technical as political/legal.  The patent expiration was for the transponder, not the timing computer.  I *think*/strongly suspect that said timing computer may have issues with a non-AMB transponder.  Those issues may be technical but knowing how AMB has historically held their hand out at every opportunity, I suspect they are political/legal as in they brick the timing computer in some way/shape/form. 

If someone wants to go this route they probably have to replace the whole shooting match, transponder and timing system.

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Re: AMB patent expiring... affordable transponders?

^^^ that.

AMP is the de-facto standard at most tracks, and they're not shy about defending that. If you want to try something new you probably need to be ready for the possibility that Lemons loses some or all of the features from AMB and Mylaps. Building an all new system requires a team dedicated enough to fully work out a full end to end system that you can deploy to the whole field that is as reliable and accurate, or better.

I have some reservations about GPS based systems, you need to get into higher end hardware to get good enough accuracy. The cheap units that are all over the place are not quite as accurate, and the expensive ones make it harder to justify building out a whole new hardware solution. And I don't think the people in the tower are really itching to add more methods of verifying laps in the way of cameras. I"m happy to be proven wrong on the GPS front, but i've been playing with cheaper GPS units for the sake of building a driver training/data system, and the accuracy just isn't there. Even on 10Hz modules.

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Re: AMB patent expiring... affordable transponders?

You could do GPS as a differential system using a base station with a big $ receiver and a car based unit that is supplemented by the correction data from the base unit, but that's not a cheaper solution since you're basically re-inventing ADS-B out with LAAS.

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