Topic: Put a rat on your team at Gingerman!

At the moment it doesn't look like my team can make Gingerman.  So maybe I can try out another car/team here is the info!

About me:

Most of the midwest Lemons racers know me, I'm the dude in the cowboy hat, captain and car owner of team sucker punch (Tiger Corvette).  I race clean, I race fast, and I love to help out new teams.  If its your first race or first time at Gingerman Id love to help out.

Racing Experience:
Ive been Lemons racing since 2008 I have 35 races under my belt (just counted!), I have also raced Chump/Champ car, World Racing League, SCCA, Circle track, and even Ice racing.  I have raced all 3 Lemons classes, FWD, RWD, and 4WD cars.  Only one black flag during all of last year and I understand that guest means bringing the car back in the same condition as you gave it to me in.

Mechanical Experience:
Used to be an ASE mechanic and I certainly have not forgotten how to spin a wrench.  If you need me to bring some tools from my own team to help out I certainly can, dump jugs, cordless impact, TRANSPONDER, etc.   I'm scared of work, or scared to get dirty!

Other things about me:
Easy going for teams that just want to have fun.  But I can also hustle a car if your team is more of the "real racing" type of team.  I'm self contained (HANS, Cool vest, Truck Tent) so I'm simple to slot into most cars.  I'm from Wisconsin so if the team needs some beer or cheese I can provide.  Ive got the Friday before the race off so I can show up early to help set up.  I know that you have to pay to play, give me a call shoot me an E mail and lets see if we can make it happen!

Team Sucker Punch: Winner Class B Doing Time at Joliet 2023 Autobahn ,Winner Org Choice award Were the Elite Meet to Cheat 2015
Chevy Camaro (Tiger striped #38)  (1989-2017 RIP old friend)
Chevy Corvette 1984......and still racing!

Re: Put a rat on your team at Gingerman!

+100, you want this guy on your team.

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Re: Put a rat on your team at Gingerman!

Are you still looking for a seat for Gingerman?