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Topic: Caged Prius formerly Harley Powered in SoCal $Price Negotiable

[edit: This car is part of the tax-deductible American Cancer Society "Making Strides Fundraiser that includes matching funds from Northrup Grumman. more details here: https://forums.24hoursoflemons.com/view … ?id=41696]

The Harley motor is still in there (with blown head gasket) but I figure I should just pull it out and sell it separately along with the motorcycle it came out of. BUT... if you want it all, I'm open to it. Have a 1200 Sportster motor as backup as well if you INSIST on going Harley Powered again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn471lUTMs4

Anyway, this is a 2008 Toyota Prius aka the ToyoHog and it's been sitting motionless under a eucalyptus tree pretty much since it blew another head gasket at Buttonwillow during our Spank.J. Simpson 7-car assault on Class C

I've got a carbureted 90's Toyota 4cyl engine (no trans) I'll throw in with it or... if you want to fulfill my dream scenario... I have a Olds Toronado 455 engine, FWD trans and complete front subframe from a '69 Toronado that was intended to go into the back of the Prius and get adorned with some jet boat headers popping out of the hatch. Chris O supplied me some Lexus suspension for this project that also will come with it if you don't want to use the Toronado torsion bar subframe setup.

The prius has never been in an accident despite appearances and actually has a CA title. But it hasn't been registered since they started requiring smog for hybrids. I have a spare passenger door, multiple spare (uncut) hoods, fender and spare wheels and even some spare Prius parts that I held on to for some reason.

I'm REALLY proud of the cage that's in it. 1.75 DOM and it is built to FIA spec minus the gussets and a couple bars to make the diagonals full X's (but they are centered with the expectation that they would be X'd at some point).

How Much? Make me an offer that includes when it will be towed away (sooner the better) and I'll be hard-pressed to say No.


Here's a separate craigslist ad for the Toronado lump https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts … 70130.html