Re: Give us your crap for Lemons trophies.

Lemons HQ is in Emeryville, CA (right next to Berkeley). The trophy builder, current (??) or former (BillyBaller), is located within about 20 miles. So its really the California bay area teams that have been giving stuff for trophy building.

I doubt HQ wants you to dump 40 lbs of crap on them at a race, making them ship it, or worse, haul it in their luggage home. I have heard El Supremo complain about hauling the trophies out to races as checked boxes. So I'm sure he's not going to haul your crap back to HQ.

They might accept it if you ship it, but do you really want to pay to ship 40 lbs of junk across the US? Just come out and drive with a west coast team and blow up a couple engines locally. Then we'll have more parts for trophy's.

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Re: Give us your crap for Lemons trophies.

I see mention of large items like camshafts and axle pieces but shouldn't he be needing smaller stuff for these trophy's like rockers and small carburetor pieces?

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Re: Give us your crap for Lemons trophies.

I don't know if you'd ever want to fancy things up with pretty ribbons or anything, but I still have the harness out of our t-boned car if you want it.

We can't use it for really, really obvious reasons, so maybe Lemons trophies could come with fancy bows?

Re: Give us your crap for Lemons trophies.

As soon as we get the Corvair back on the lift and the engine out, we can send you the other end of the MHF winner from PNW 2014. There is probably a cam and a crank that can come along too. Will they fit in a flat rate box?

Re: Give us your crap for Lemons trophies.

This makes me wish I still had my 9 piece VW diesel camshaft... but that was from before Lemons existed.

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